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USA Luge invites you to join Dmitry Feld on a fabulous tour of Russia, ending with 3 days at the 2020 World Championships

A casual conversation with USA Luge’s Dmitry Feld will have you soon addressing your friends with “Privyet” and “Dasvidaniya”.

Imagine, then, what you’ll learn on a 10-day tour of Moscow and St. Petersburg, culminating with a day at the Sochi Olympic Park and two final days at the 2014 Olympic luge site in Krasnaya Polyana where USA Luge will race for 2020 World Championship medals.

Feld, USA Luge Marketing Manager, originally from Kiev, has created an insider’s tour, arriving in Moscow on Feb. 9 where the excursion begins. It will conclude on Feb. 17.

The U.S. Olympic luge…

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